'Baywatch' Movie In Development, Ivan Reitman Says

Can you make a full length movie out of people running on the beach?

When they're in red swimsuits, perhaps.

Ivan Reitman, the famed "Ghostbusters" director -- who is still waiting on Bill Murray to read the script for the proposed third film -- spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about past and future projects. That includes a film version of the acclaimed 90's drama "Baywatch."

Except he's having some problems.

"We still don't have a script that's makeable," he told THR. "I think it's a big opportunity. This is a comedy, and I think we have a very interesting take -- a classical idea that will be fresh for the world audience. It's one of the best-known titles that's out there."

While stars David Hasselfhoff and Pamela Anderson may be too old to reprise their roles, a classical, fresh take on "Baywatch" certainly sounds intriguing.

Reitman's most recent film, "No Strings Attached," won the box office its opening weekend, and has made $123 million worldwide thus far. Reitman, who has said a new "Ghostbusters" would introduce new members of the team for a new generation of films, said in an interview that "Strings" star Ashton Kutcher could potentially be one of those new Ghostbusters.

For more on Reitman's new projects, including "Baywatch," click over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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