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There's Now BB Cream For Nails

There are anti-aging treatments on the market for your face, neck, hands and feet, and now a new beauty product is here to focus on your nails.

Orly has created the first blemish balm, a.k.a. BB cream, for nails. Acting like the tinted moisturizer we use for our faces, this polish protects against future breakage by strengthening and moisturizing brittle nails. Although it seems like this product would be a great base coat, Orly recommends to avoid using the BB cream in conjunction with any other polishes.

Orly BB Crème is just the latest example of products that are giving manicures the special, healthy treatment. Last month, Alexa Chung became the spokesperson for NailKale, a polish that uses kale in its formula.

We can't wait to see how Orly's BB Crème Treatment will take off -- but tell us what you think.

orly bb creme

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