'Overeager' Guide Dog Delivers One Of TV's Most Delightful Moments Of The Week

The dog walked off-camera and pulled down the BBC's Carol Kirkwood -- and it all happened on live TV.

It was like something from a cartoon.

An overeager Labrador walked away, pulling down the human at the other end of the leash in the process. And it happened on live TV, moments after BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood boasted about Flash during a segment on guide dogs.

“She’s very well-behaved, I must say,” Kirkwood said.

Soon after, Flash walked off and Kirkwood ― still holding the leash ― went down on-camera. For a second or two, all viewers could see were her feet.

The dogged reporter quickly popped up, laughing and assured everyone that she was just fine.

“She’s a very strong girl, Flash,” Kirkwood said with a smile:

The Guide Dogs charity shared the footage on YouTube, saying Flash “got a little overeager” during the big TV appearance.

“Only to be expected that @carolkirkwood fell ‘head over heels’ for our amazing trainee guide dog pup,” the organization joked on Twitter.

Kirkwood replied:

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