'11 Things To Never Ask A Transgender Person' Released By BBC Free Speech

11 Things To Never Ask A Transgender Person

Talking about transgender issues and experiences can be tricky, unless you have the right language to talk about them.

Understanding how to talk to transgender people starts with educating yourself -- and doing a whole lot of listening! -- and this new video from BBC Free Speech is here to help. "Things Not to Say to a Trans Person" brings together a slew of people from the United Kingdom across the gender identity spectrum to discuss frequent -- and often inappropriate -- questions they often get as trans individuals.

Some of these questions may be obvious, such as "Did you get the operation?" ("which one?") or "how do you have sex?" ("Fabulously!").

Others, such as "Are you a drag queen?" or "Which bathroom do you use?" can come from a place of genuinely wanting to understand and be informed, but they can still be offensive or triggering for a transgender individual.

"I am out and proud of being trans," one interviewee notes in the above video. "T-R-A-N-S -- I'm trans! Get over it!"

Check out the video above to learn some more things that probably aren't the best to ask a transgender person. Have more questions about trans identity? Head here to read a brilliant blog that breaks down "Transgender 101."

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