BBC Presenter Can't Keep Calm And Carry On After Team Spots Blue Whale

YAAS, nature.

When you see something as incredible as a blue whale on the job, it's completely acceptable to freak the bleep out.

And that's exactly what this dude did. 

During an episode of BBC's wildlife show "Big Blue Live," presenter Steve Backshall was interviewing whale expert Dorris Welch in Moss Landing, California, when his team spotted a blue whale from a helicopter above.

Backshall really lost it. 

Watch as the presenter cuts Welch off during the live interview and announces the sighting. 

"I'm so, so sorry, I don't believe what I've just heard," he says after interrupting Welch (in the most polite manner possible). "I've heard word that we have on our helicopter -- a BLUE WHALE!" 

Backshall sees the whale himself and continues to describe the animal and its background animatedly. When you hear his enthusiasm, you cannot help but get all worked up along with him by the incredible sight. 

Ah, don'tcha just love nature?  


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