This BBC Reporter Had No Idea How Much Lemurs Liked To Move It, Move It

King Julien would be proud.

Leaping lemurs!

BBC reporter Alex Dunlop found himself bombarded by lemurs while trying to report on the annual animal count at Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England.

Dunlop attempted to give his report as the creatures jumped on and off his shoulders and clambered up his sweater. They were trying to inspect what he was hiding in his closed fist ― and they nipped. Most of the time, the only thing he could get out was: “I’m at one of the ... OW!!!”

Despite being overwhelmed by lunging lemurs, Dunlop seemed to take the experience in stride. At one point, he gamely said, “Well, this I think is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job.”

Yup, those Madagascar natives really “like to move it, move it.”

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