BBC Anchor Simon McCoy Delivers ‘Most Unenthusiastic Report Ever’ On Surfing Dogs

With heavy sighs and sarcasm, he's clearly less than thrilled.

BBC anchor Simon McCoy became a social media sensation on Monday for a report on surfing dogs he delivered with all the enthusiasm of a hostage video.

“Just bear in mind, it is August,” he said as he began reading his script about the World Dog Surfing Championship in California.

The report that followed was punctuated by so many pauses and heavy sighs that McCoy appeared to be contemplating what, exactly, had gone wrong in his life to bring him to this moment.

“That’s a shame, we’ve run out of pictures,” he said at the end, although his tone indicated that it was anything but a shame. BBC 3 tweeted a version of the clip with the caption: “most unenthusiastic news report ever.”

McCoy, for his part, seemed to relish the attention of his viral moment a little more than the report itself, retweeting comments on his unforgettable delivery:

Dogs Go Surfing