BBQ Joint Offers White People A Discount, To Fight Racism

BBQ Joint Offers White People A Discount, To Fight Racism

A Colorado barbeque joint called Rubbin’ Buttz will offer a 10 percent discount to white people in what it calls an effort to combat racism, KUSA-TV reports.

One of the restaurants owners, Edgar Antillon, argues that since both black and Hispanic people get a one-month holiday, so white people should be able to spend at least one day eating barbecue at their restaurant for 10 percent off.

“We figured all we could do -- the least we could do -- is offer one day to appreciate white Americans,” Antillon told KUSA-TV.

Antillon is himself Hispanic and light-skinned. He is also a firearms instructor, according to the Washington Times, who last year led a drive to help legal marijuana smokers get concealed handgun permits.

Local civil rights activist Ricardo Romero called the discount “a perpetuation of racism.”

Rubbin’ Buttz was not immediately reachable by phone. They acknowledged the criticism in a Facebook posting:

“Although we've had overwhelming support for it, there are a few who are filled with hate and/or misunderstanding. People full of hate and negativity want your attention, don't give it to them. Stay happy!”

Some 82 percent of residents of the 6,000-person town of Milliken are white, according to the Census Bureau. Another 28 percent were Hispanic, a term that includes people who are white because “Hispanic” is an ethnic rather than a racial category.

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