B&B's and Coffee: Where Local Flavors Take Flight

Java lovers rejoice! A number of B&B's across the country have embraced the bean, and the results make for very stimulating stays.
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Java lovers rejoice! A number of B&B's across the country have embraced the bean, and the results make for very stimulating stays. Of course you are aware that inns offer coffee as a beverage option to complement their bounty of delicious breakfasts, but what may be news to you is that many of them provide options originating from local producers. So let's fill your cup with the knowledge you need to alleviate your caffeine fix with a premium blend of inns that feature killer coffee.

Craftsman Inn

With stints in France and Belgium before heading to the US, the ex-pat British owners and innkeepers of Calistoga Wine Way Inn and Craftsman Inn in Calistoga, CA - Nick and Gillian Kite - developed very particular palates for coffee. "We knew what we wanted from our coffee but could not find it from any of the big name coffee producers," reveals Nick. "Fortunately we made the acquaintance of another Brit living in Calistoga, Clive Richardson of the Calistoga Roastery, who also creates custom blended coffees. His coffee shop is a renowned local coffee shop, a gathering spot for visitors and locals alike. The table in the window is usually occupied by a bevy of rock star winemakers (though you wouldn't know it to look at them). Here they exchange views and advice on all things vineyard and wine related. It's called the 'Table of Knowledge.'" The couple proceeded to work through many different blends with Clive to create the perfect locally rich roasted Wine Way and Craftsman Inn Blends that they proudly serve to their guests - French Press style - each morning. "It's the perfect complement to the delicious offerings from Gillian's cookbook - Inn Food, Seasonal Breakfasts in the Wine Country."

Mango Sunset BnB Inn at Lyman Organic Kona Coffee Farms

With a visit to Mango Sunset BnB Inn at Lyman Organic Kona Coffee Farms in Kailua Kona, located on Hawaii's Big Island just 10 minutes from the airport, guests can't get much closer to their morning cup than Farm Tours at the inn. The 90-minute Organic Coffee Estate Tour by owner and operator Dr. Hans Eckert, which must be reserved by prior arrangement, is an all-inclusive experience. The package includes a cup of Lyman Organic Kona Coffee and viewing of the wet mill, drying deck, roaster, and coffee finish dryer. Participants will learn about how the owners got into the business; about Kona coffee species, origins, and history, plus an overview of the coffee industry on the Big Island; growing conditions; processing methods; quality control; and roasting, brewing, and storage. "We have won seven gold, silver, and bronze medals - in the last eight years," says Dr. Eckert. "We serve our coffee daily at the inn. Everyone loves it, and most buy some. We sell roasted Private Reserve, Select, Hawaii #3, and sometimes Peaberry. We are the only Certified Organic Farm that produces/sells "Kona Natural" (see our website for explanation) - very rare, very exquisite, very expensive." Kona coffee is renowned for its full-bodied flavor and aroma, and in the state of Hawaii, Lyman Organic Kona Coffee Farms is one of only about 60 coffee estates (out of approximately 800) - meaning they go from seed to cup, all from their one farm. They are also one of only 40 farms in the state that is Certified Organic. Tours, which costs just $25, usually begin after breakfast.

Antlers on the Creek Bed & Breakfast

Variety may be the spice of life, but guests will also find plenty of options when it comes to sugar at Antlers on the Creek Bed & Breakfast in Durango, CO since innkeeper Susan Barrett provides a range of sugars to accompany your morning cup. "We have an organic evaporated cane sugar, turbinado, and a spiced vanilla sugar," she says. "As the holidays approach, I will also offer peppermint sugar." These options are a sweet pairing to the coffee guests enjoy at the inn. "I have a Jura Espresso machine and offer my guests the gamut, from black coffee to cappuccinos to lattes and such," reveals Susan. "I use coffee from the Steaming Bean, a local Colorado company in Telluride. I tried all the local coffees, and even though we have two roasted right here in Durango, I prefer Steaming Bean's. They have a coffee house here in Durango on Main Avenue, and they offer spur of the moment as well as pre-arranged tours at their Telluride facility." The inn serves the Black Canyon Blend, an Espresso blend. It is a blend of five beans from Africa and South America roasted locally at the Telluride facility. "Guests love it," she adds. "I have had several people go to the Steaming Bean and pick up beans to take home."

Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

At Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn in West Harwich, MA, innkeepers Mike and Stefanie Hogan serve their guests a signature staple of the region - Cape Cod Coffee Roasters Honduran Blend - which always receives plenty of praise. "It gets rave reviews from guests," says Mike. "To top it off, we have a Stratos Spidem self-serve coffee machine that grinds the beans fresh, then brews for guests." The Cape Cod Coffee Roasters have a great story, he adds. "The owner was a real estate developer who bought the existing Cape Cod Coffee Roasters to flip for best use - turns out the best use was as a coffee roaster! She then brought her sister into the business and they run it together to make truly exceptional coffee." The plant is about 37 minutes from the inn, offers tours, and tastings. "If you catch it at the right time," reveals Mike, "you get to experience the glorious smell of the roast. When we toured we sampled quite a few selections and decided the Honduran had the best flavor and also the widest appeal (not too bold, not too mild). Though they do offer flavored coffees and seasonal blends, we stick with the Honduran and Sunset blend (decaf option). We constantly get compliments about the coffee, it's delicious!"

Hawthorn Inn

Innkeepers Ted and Lisa Weiss keep the coffee tradition percolating at Hawthorn Inn in Camden, ME. "The previous innkeeper worked with a local roaster, Rock City Coffee, to develop the coffee that we serve at the inn," says Lisa. "The Hawthorn Inn Private Blend is a dark roast of beans from four different countries: India, Sumatra, Brazil, and Guatemala. Our guests often comment on how great it is and how they enjoy savoring their first cup of the morning on the decks overlooking our gardens. It has appeared a number of times in online reviews." The inn also serves a decaf version for those who don't need the extra kick, but who still crave the ritual and rich flavor. "We have fresh brewed coffee for breakfast," she adds, "and for the remainder of the day, there is a Keurig machine that always has an assortment of K cup coffees: Decaf, Decaf Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Tim Horton, and French Roast. During holiday seasons, we include 'special' K cups - now we have Pumpkin Spice." For the committed coffee enthusiasts, Rock City Coffee is located about 20 minutes from the inn where tours and tastings are available.

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