BCS Bowls: Rankings Released And Schedule Set With LSU And Alabama In Title Game

By Dave Miller, National Football Post

Bowl Projection season is over. Now we look ahead to the games themselves as the official 2011-12 bowl matchups are set.

The final Bowl Championship Series standings were released Sunday night, and here is what the Top 10 looked like.

Final BCS standings, Top 10:

1) LSU 2) Alabama 3) Oklahoma State 4) Stanford 5) Oregon 6) Arkansas 7) Boise State 8) Kansas State 9) South Carolina 10) Wisconsin

Let’s take a look at all of the bowl matchups.


* Replacement team for a conference that does not have enough bowl-eligible teams.
** The Champs Sports Bowl can select Notre Dame instead of a Big East team once in the four-year period stretching from 2010-13.
*** Replacement because of two SEC teams being in the BCS championship game.
**** Liberty Bowl had the option of selecting a Big East team

BCS bowls

Jan. 2 Rose: Wisconsin (Big Ten champ) vs. Oregon (Pac-12 champ)

Jan. 2 Fiesta: Oklahoma State (Big 12 champ) vs. Stanford (BCS at-large)

Jan. 3 Sugar: Michigan (SEC champ***) vs. Virginia Tech (BCS at-large)

Jan. 4 Orange: Clemson (ACC champ) vs. West Virginia (BCS at-large)

Jan. 9 BCS national championship: LSU (BCS No. 1) vs. Alabama (BCS No. 2)

The other bowls

Dec. 17 New Mexico: Wyoming (MWC No. 4/5) vs. Temple (Pac-12 No. 7/WAC*)

Dec. 17 Idaho Potato: Utah State (WAC) vs. Ohio (MAC No. 3)

Dec. 18 New Orleans: Louisiana-Lafayette (Sun Belt No. 1) vs. San Diego State (C-USA*)

Dec. 20 Beef ‘O’Brady’s: Marshall (C-USA) vs. FIU (Big East No. 6*)

Dec. 21 Poinsettia: TCU (MWC No. 2) vs. Louisiana Tech (WAC)

Dec. 22 Maaco: Boise State (MWC No. 1) vs. Arizona State (Pac-12 No. 5)

Dec. 24 Hawaii: Nevada (WAC) vs. Southern Miss (C-USA)

Dec. 26 Independence: Missouri (MWC No. 3*) vs. North Carolina (ACC No. 7)

Dec. 27 Little Caesars: Western Michigan (MAC No. 2) vs. Purdue (Big Ten No. 8)

Dec. 27 Belk: Louisville (Big East No. 3) vs. N.C. State (ACC No. 5)

Dec. 28 Military: Air Force (ACC No. 8*) vs. Toledo (Navy*)

Dec. 28 Holiday: California (Pac-12 No. 3) vs. Texas (Big 12 No. 5)

Dec. 29 Champs Sports: Notre Dame (Big East No. 2**) vs. Florida State (ACC No. 3)

Dec. 29 Alamo: Washington (Pac-12 No. 2) vs. Baylor (Big 12 No. 3)

Dec. 30 Armed Forces: Tulsa (C-USA) vs. BYU (BYU)

Dec. 30 Pinstripe: Rutgers (Big East No. 4) vs. Iowa State (Big 12 No. 7)

Dec. 30 Music City: Wake Forest (ACC No. 6) vs. Mississippi State (SEC No. 7)

Dec. 30 Insight: Oklahoma (Big 12 No. 4) vs. Iowa (Big Ten No. 4/5)

Dec. 31 Meineke Texas: Northwestern (Big Ten No. 6) vs. Texas A&M (Big 12 No. 6)

Dec. 31 Kraft Fight Hunger: UCLA (Pac-12 No. 6) vs. Illinois* (Army)

Dec. 31 Sun: Georgia Tech (ACC No. 4) vs. Utah (Pac-12 No. 4)

Dec. 31 Liberty: Cincinnati**** (C-USA No. 1) vs. Vanderbilt (SEC No. 8/9 or Big East)

Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A: Virginia (ACC No. 2) vs. Auburn (SEC No. 5)

Jan. 2 TicketCity: Penn State (Big Ten No. 7) vs. Houston (C-USA)

Jan. 2 Capital One: South Carolina (SEC No. 2) vs. Nebraska (Big Ten No. 2)

Jan. 2 Outback: Michigan State (Big Ten No. 3) vs. Georgia (SEC)

Jan. 2 Gator: Ohio State (Big Ten No. 4/5) vs. Florida (SEC No. 6)

Jan. 6 Cotton: Kansas State (Big 12 No. 2) vs. Arkansas (SEC)

Jan. 7 BBVA Compass: Pittsburgh (Big East No. 5/C-USA) vs. SMU* (SEC No. 8/9)

Jan. 8 Northern Illinois (MAC No. 1) vs. Arkansas State (Sun Belt No. 2)

What matchups are you most interested in watching?

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