7 Simple Ways To Be A Better Lover

Wondering what you can do to kick things up a notch in the sack? Here are MiddleSexy's top tricks for playing the female Casanova.

1) Start with the pounce. Remember the episode in Sex and The City when Carrie laments that there was "no throwdown?" Instead of a small sign that you are in the mood, give an unmissable signal -- grab his hand and put it on your breast, or hug him hard from behind with one hand while running your fingers down the outside of his pants with your other.

2) Take effort with your appearance. Wear some nice lingerie, do that sexy thing with your hair, or apply a subtle new fragrance. Show him that he's worth the trouble.

3) Ratchet up the foreplay. Do as MiddleSexy's Jennifer does and go out to dinner beforehand sans underwear. Or sit astride him on the couch, stripped down to a lacy camisole, and massage his neck. Or choose another body part.

4) Make it last. Take your time. Even if he likes it hard and fast, build up to that point ... slowly.

5) Talk more. It doesn't mean you have to talk dirty. Ask if he likes what you are doing, or if there is anything else can you try. And don't be shy about telling him how he can reciprocate.

6) Try something new. Bring a new sex toy to bed. Or test out a new position. You can also open a new oil, gel or lube. Any deviation from the same old same old is bound to make things more interesting.

7) Be spontaneous. Don't wait for bedtime to try the pounce. Sneak up on him after lunch on a Saturday, or before you sit down to dinner. Whatever is on the stove won't be nearly as hot as what you cook up between you.

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