Be a Reading Role Model

As parents, teachers and caregivers, we have superpowers when it comes to our kids. Because our kids pay a lot of attention to everything we do. They look to us to know how to act, what to say, what to like, and everything in-between. When it comes to reading this is all so important. Our ability to influence kids’ reading lives can be a profoundly positive force. Let’s use our own superpowers of reading influence to help our kids become super readers.

Reading is contagious

You don’t have to like to read long books to make reading contagious to your child. You can demonstrate your enjoyment in your favorite magazine, a funny email or social media post. Just by demonstrating enthusiasm for reading in any form, you can help your kids discover the same joy for themselves.

Try new reading experiences together

One way to model engaging reading habits for your kids is to refresh your own reading choices--try a new magazine or collection of poetry. Try a mystery bestseller if you’ve never read one. By showing our kids all the different ways we can engage in reading--whether it’s novels, newspapers, audiobooks or the back of a cereal box, we give them more opportunities to see themselves as readers.

Create a yes environment

Be aware of your child’s reading small achievements every step of the way--this teaches kids that reading is important and valued to you, something to truly celebrate! Notice and affirm those moments your child chooses to read! Notice and affirm when your child talks about books. When your child wants to read yet another book by the same author, another comic in the series, a new version of a book she’s read, say yes! Be a “yes” parent to reading habits that might seem quirky so your child knows you are a reading fan!

When we can help our kids take ownership over their learning goals so they can confidently say, “I will be the kind of reader I want to be.”

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