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Be Courageous in Business

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After much reflection, it became evident that the trait most needed in business success is courage. In recent years, I've made it a point to identify and research successful people to determine the underlying trait that helps them receive success. From Oprah Winfrey to Prince (Rest in Peace) to Irene Burgess (my late Aunt), I noticed a pattern of courage and fearlessness.

For many in our country, businesses are birthed from an idea and commitment to success. Individuals like Steve Harvey and Dee-1 passionately divulge their secrets to success in their careers, and that key ingredient is courage. The courage to continue despite outrageous obstacles and shortcomings is required for entrepreneurial success. Individuals spend countless hours and money searching for the easy option to generating money and business accolades when the answers are found within.

Much like many of my counterparts, I sought out courses, trainings, and coaching from "experts" to help me streamline my vision. However, I soon realized along with strategy and systems; I needed a healthy helping of courage. There would be times when my vision would be so big that my peers would ensure it was impossible to achieve. I had to rely on the courage to step away from a consistent paycheck and depend on my efforts to provide for my family. As you can imagine, I had limited opportunities for failure because my children's livelihood depended on my vision becoming a reality.

I stepped outside of the box and found creative ways to monetize my skillset. I led with a serving perspective and eventually the money came along. Praise God for answered prayers. I determined that I could spend my life existing, or I could choose to truly live. As I bet on myself, the obstacles came from various parts of my life. My daughter began to struggle with mental illness; my health was compromised, and death came to visit my family on multiple occasions. I would second guess my vision and seek solace in others who assured me it would be okay to throw in the towel and try again later in life.


I'm no quitter. I looked fear dead in the eyes and brought to the fight, courage. Business ownership is not for the light-hearted. You need to have the mindset that no matter the challenge, you will be an overcomer. I guarantee that no successful business owner has reached success without tackling fear head on with a healthy helping of courage. Align yourself with visionaries who help you to pursue your goals despite limitations. When in doubt think about the original reason you embarked upon business ownership, your reason should be solid enough to weather any storm. Lastly, remember even the legends have had roadblocks in their journeys. The difference is, they refused to allow a short-term failure to become a lifelong regret.

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