Be Free of Shadows


When I opened the Soulful Sparks Calendar on the page for this week, I was pleasantly surprised. Be free of shadows, says the title. And the image is a gentle play of light and shadows, of fresh spring blossoms and old wooden house in Slovene countryside. Someone took care to paint the window frames sky blue and put on soft white curtains. I can imagine a cozy room inside, for the Soul to contemplate, like a butterfly in its cocoon. Then the fledgling flutters the wings and shares its beauty with the nature outside. Likewise, there comes the time for us to reveal our soulful blossoms and shine loving light to inspire others.

The world of matter dances with lightness and darkness, moves in contraction and expansion. The world of Spirit is pure Light and continuous expansion. As humans, we are in between. A marvelous place to be. The play of light and dark surrounds us with colors. We, the humans, are the sacred marriage of matter and Spirit. Each one of us united with our Beloved, the individual Highest Self.

The call to dissolve the shadows is the invitation to open the heart and allow the sacred communion to happen. Let go of the beliefs that we are only flesh. Cease the preoccupation with accumulation of material goods. A bigger house doesn't mean a happier home. Yes, we all need adequate water and food and clothing and shelter. Yes, we all require resources for the basics to live a comfortable physical life. But we must step out of the destructive power of consumerism.

How do we shed worries that shroud our Souls? It's a slow, gradual process of consciously releasing layer by layer. Steiner's idea that "the modern materialistic world conception is a product of fear and anxiety" is very enlightening. I would add that narrow materialism and intellectualism also create and feed fear. When I look at my own anxieties through this lens, it's easier to deal with them. I don't need to be afraid of anything or anyone anymore. I can fully relax, and enjoy myself, my life. Joy dispels worries by its very nature. Courage is acting despite fear; freedom is being free of fear. We are trained in courage, but yearn for freedom.

If you don't have much money and possessions, don't disappear. Breathe, relax, and look at what you have. Your abundance may be expressed in friends and family, or in your gifts and talents. Release the narrow bonds of capitalist economy. Get off your knees and stand tall in your Light. Embrace the richness of Spirit and Love within you. Continue creating tangible creations with your skills. Stay grounded on the Earth. Respect the current social rules, but don't be chained by them. Find friendly ways to adjust the flow of energy.

If you are blessed with financial prosperity, expand your views. Have you built an ivory tower for yourself? It may separate you from others, even from your own Highest Self. It may fuel fears and anxieties of loss. Dismantle the artificial walls, with care. Unlock the shackles, lovingly. Share your wealth with others.

Beware: You may lose some of your friends in the process. As a reward, you may find new ones who vibrate at your energy level.

We are all one. Everything is energy. We flow through one another. Some of us are rich in Light, yet, may still need to ground ourselves to materialize healthy cash inflow. Some of us have abundant bank accounts, yet, may still need to open ourselves to the sacred marriage with the Highest Self in Light. Together, we can create prosperous and loving communities for all.

Dispersed shadows and abandoned chains turn to dust and nourish the soil we stand on as shining human beings. Embrace the Mother Earth, make Love with your Highest Self, glow as a unique human being here and now.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
Do you have the courage to give birth to your true self? Do you have the confidence to live your uniqueness?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.