Be Free To Soar
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A banana is a banana regardless of where you plant it. The one on the image below found its home on the rolling hills of Dolenjska, Slovenia, in the temperate part of Europe.

The banana tree, as everything else, grows according to its own nature and adjusts to the conditions of its surroundings. Although, it may need more care and patience if the climate seasons are drastically different from the plant's native environment. Yet, it will always strive to flourish into its fullest potential anywhere it finds itself.

And so it is with us humans. We can adopt to thrive anywhere, granted that it may be more difficult under austere circumstances. Our souls are of the spirit worlds, time- and space-free, planted in the earthly bodies, defined by time and space. We will always have a deep urge, mostly unconscious and incomprehensible, to develop into our truest selves. But the modern world environment is harsh. We need to be patient, and seek nourishment that will sustain us. Welcome are gestures that encourage us to merge with Light and Love. Let's continue to support and encourage each other to spread our wings wide.


Who are you, my friend? What color are your wings? Did the questions surprise you? Perhaps you think it's obvious who you are. You would state your name, show your photo ID, disclose your birth info. You may add what you do to earn money. But do all these worldly tags really represent the true you? Haven't your forgotten something? We tend to over-focus on the physical, and miss the most important point of the human existence: We are spiritual beings, experiencing life in the world of matter. We are souls inhabiting a human body.

Yes, you have wings. We all do. Extending out from the shoulder blades, they are part of our spiritual nature, but we may not see them as we see the flesh and bones of our body. Yet, we can feel them, especially when our vibrations rise higher, closer to the realms of the super-sensible worlds.

Still doubtful? Let me answer with a series of questions: How could we engage in imagination if the spiritual aspect of our existence was not real? How else could we be inspired? How could we perceive through intuition? We need to detach from the burdens of daily life. We need to be free to soar.

Negative thoughts are heavy, and weigh us down, chaining us to the troubles of survival. How can I earn more money? Where will I live? How will I manage to go from here to there?

Positive thoughts offer us freedom, and energy, elation, to endure the trek over the treacherous terrain of emotional turmoil and existential schisms. As spiritual beings, we can only endure the life-long pilgrimage through the density of matter if we allow our radiant wings to help us lift our feet one step at the time.

"How do I consciously enhance the connection to my wings?" you may ask. Recognize your Soul. Where is it? Have you provided comfortable inner chambers for its abode? Or have you thrown your inner source of Light into the dark dungeons of your psyche? Search within, gently and with Love. And carefully, yet, thoroughly dismantle the prison you may have constructed out of fears. Dissolve any fortresses and towers or barbed-wired fences. Clear away any remaining debris: make it an offering to the beings of Light and Love who will compost and transform it into beneficial forms. Create a cozy abode for your Soul anew. Nourish it with warmth through Love. Brighten its flame through Light.

Re-establish the relationship with your Highest Self, open up to the stream of infinite Light. Stand tall in your own luminous column. Dissolve fear: lean back into the caring support of the angels. Transform loneliness: lean forward to allow Love embrace you from within. Heal anger: lean forward to embrace the people and the world with Love. Try out the simple IAO (pronounced as "ee-ah-oh") harmonious movement meditation. Click here to get it for free.

Get ready to soak in the brilliance of the Summer. Allow the warmth and Light dissolve any structures of fear within and around you. Let go of worries to be happy. Claim your birth-right liaison with your Highest Self. Notice the color of your wings. Shine Love within and around you.

Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
Who are you, my friend? What color are your wings?

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