Be More Like Young Frida Kahlo Wearing A Menswear Suit In Her Family Photo

One of the coolest 17-year-olds we've ever seen.
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When I think Frida Kahlo's fashion, I think of flowing skirts, bushy brows, flower crowns, dramatic corsets, sculpted braids, so on and so forth. Yet a Kahlo family photo taken by her father Guillermo Kahlo in 1924 reveals a Frida before she discovered her now iconic signature style.

And although her style as a mere 17-year-old is different than her later look, it's no less fierce:

Frida Kahlo sporting menswear in her family photo is everything

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Yup, that's young Frida, sporting a three-piece menswear suit with the fam, staring down the camera like nobody's business. Have you ever seen a teenager so confident and self-possessed? We can just imagine Mama Kahlo being like, "Frida, come on, it's family photo day," and Frida delivering that death stare in return.

Far before Annie Hall made menswear her thing, Kahlo explored the way clothing could transform a person into a living work of art. This stunning image proves that while Kahlo's style evolved throughout her life, the creative and rebellious spark that spurred it all was there from the very beginning.

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See more Frida Kahlo photos below:

Apic via Getty Images
Frida Kahlo painting a self-portrait on the border line between Mexico and United States, for a Detroit Institute of Art mural project in 1932.
Keystone-France via Getty Images
Kahlo and her husband, artist Diego Rivera, attending an art exhibition in New York.
Heritage Images via Getty Images
Russian Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky and his second wife, Natalia Sedova, are greeted by Kahlo (1907 - 1954) and Polish-born American Marxist theoretician and pro-union activist Max Shachtman in Tampico, Mexico, on board the the Norwegian tanker, Ruth, in 1937. Trotsky, his wife and grandson had travelled to Mexico after being deported from Norway.
Galerie Bilderwelt via Getty Images
Kahlo with Sedova and Trotsky.
FPG via Getty Images
Kahlo and Rivera in 1937.
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Kahlo circa 1940.
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Graphic House via Getty Images
Kahlo and Rivera stand together with a pet monkey sometime in the 1940s.
Wallace Marly via Getty Images
Hulton Archive via Getty Images
Kahlo, being the contemplative artist that she was.
Hulton Archive via Getty Images
Keystone-France via Getty Images
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