Be Open to the Lessons That Make You Self-Aware

Be Open to the Lessons That Make You Self-Aware
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We manifest everything we see around us. This is Universal law as taught by Abraham Hicks When we don't like what we see/feel/experience, it's called "contrast" in Abraham's language and it's to show us what we DO WANT.

In the face of a response from a former client about working together again, I felt ill. The “You’re worth it but we can’t afford it” wasn’t what I thought I wanted to hear.

So I look at it more closely to figure out why... Why did I manifest this?

I want to be Famous, Impactful, Rich and Energized so why is this what I’m getting instead? Why am I getting no’s when offering services I know are worth the price?

Discussing it with my friend and accountability partner, my intuition told me to call it “energetic contrast dye.”

When being X-rayed, sometimes doctors fill you with contrast dye to make your internal body structures more visible on the X-rays.

That’s sort of what happened here. This situation filled my mindset with contrast dye so I could see how my mindset is structured at the moment, alerting me to problems I need to address.

For instance, my reflex to situations I don't like is to try to control them. This doesn’t really work. The more I try to control things, the more out of control they feel. Now, I knew about my reflexive “gotta figure out the how” thinking, but this showed I still haven’t released it.

It’s also true that I offered this client services I wanted to stop offering, truthfully. And I reached out because my ego saw a need to bring in the money and this seemed like it would be an easy way to do it. Because I’ve provided the services and been paid well for them before, I thought it would be a quick solution to the “problem” or “need.”

And while I tapped with my coach to release the struggle, my habits of doing “broke math” as I call it and controlling how money comes in haven’t stopped. My methods of controlling the money include: cutting myself off from offering what I really want to offer, and also offering the services I think should sell easily since I’ve sold them before. That whole “I’ve never done this before so it won’t work” thing can KILL us; we then focus on “this worked before and even though I don’t want it now, I’ll do it because I know it worked before.” I have to open myself up and ALLOW in what I’ve put in my “vortex” as Abraham would say.

I have moments of contrast as we all do and I make it my job to help you understand why such moments happen for you, and how to course-correct.

Rosella LaFevre is the Mindset and Marketing Coach to entrepreneurs and blossoming leaders called to change the lives of millions while growing Gold Toilet Rich. She helps those who want to be Famous, Impactful, Rich and Energized. The best way to start working with Rosella is through the Famous, Impactful, Rich and Energized call, 45 minutes to help you release your resistance and move on to create FIRE in your life. You can also email her your questions about mindset & marketing:

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