Be Sensitive to Others

Those running any organization do not have the luxury of dealing with one problem at a time. The pace of the job and the (time) demands on a president require the ability to juggle a variety of problems simultaneously.

Once a decision is made, a leader needs to move on to the next one. At the same time, a leader needs to be sensitive to the people involved in decisions one makes. All too often I failed to do so.

With an important construction project, for instance, I made the decisions I needed to make and moved on to the next challenge. In doing so though, I inadvertently hurt the feelings of those with whom I worked.

On that particular project, the construction manager mentioned to my assistant I never came to inspect the status of construction. She gamely tried to explain to him I was already on to the next project (I was), but she then quickly suggested to me I make an appearance on site. I quickly did so.

Given the fact I believe strongly a president gains a great deal from managing by wandering around, I should not have had to be told I needed to visit with the construction manager and those working on the project. Unfortunately, I did have to be told.

Whatever the situation, remember to be sensitive to others. One will make others feel better about what they are doing, and one will avoid unnecessary heartburn for oneself.