Be the hero of your own story!

Be the hero of your own story!
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Anyone can be a hero! Even you and I! Isn’t that a terrific news?

The thing is, you already are a hero. You’re the hero of your own story!

Think about it. You’re the main character and your life is based solely on you. You’re going on a long adventure, which we call “life”. You will face some challenges but you will fight to get through them. You will meet other characters along the way and you’ll be a character in other people’s stories. There will be mistakes done and lessons learned. You will grow. And you might even get your “happily every after”. And as everyone knows, there’s always an end to every stories and *spoiler alert* in this one, you will die. The end.

But the question is, will you be the hero of your own story?

In every good hero stories the hero is most of the time a loser a.k.a a nobody. But as that hero faces adversity he/she becomes more of a hero the more we advance in the story. So, just like any good hero stories, you were born a nobody, as in you were born a simple little human being with nothing really interesting about him/her. Yet, the more we advance in this story, the better you get to know yourself and you start to understand what your purpose in life is. Although your purpose in life might not be to save the world like Clark Kent, you’re still a hero nontheless!

I personally think that YOU need to be the hero your younger self needed.


That’s the person you’re writing this story for: your younger self. When we were little we were all trying to find someone to look up to. We were all looking for someone that we could be like as we grow up. So, be that person!

Be the person you would have looked up to as a kid!

Inspire your younger self by inspiring the younger generations that are trying to find a hero to admire. Teach them something! Show them what they could become! They don’t have to be exactly like you or do everything that you do, as they also are the heroes of their own stories but show them that they too can become heroes! Show them that even if you go through some tough times at the end of the day you ARE a hero as long as you don’t give up. As long as you don’t let fear stop you from going on this journey that is life. And as long as you fight for yourself and the ones that you love!

So, will you go on this journey that is life, follow your dreams and face all the struggles that may occur along the way? or will you settle for a dull morose life and live a story that has already been told a billion times?

YOU are the hero of your own story.

So, will you be a hero or will you let other people write your story for you?

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