Be Your Own Best Friend


Have you ever heard the following joke, "Well enough about me...let's talk about you. So... what do you think about me?" This article is all about YOU. Dedicate the next seven days to your inner and outer self.

Use the following questions to determine, "What about me?"

1. Do I eat a minimum of three well-balanced meals daily?
2. Do I hydrate enough so that my urine is clear?
3. Do I get a minimum of seven hours of deep sleep each night?
4. Do I think and/or talk to myself with positive affirmations?
5. Do I avoid harmful over-indulgences?
6. Do I choose friends that make me mentally, physically and spiritually better?
7. Do I swiftly manage the stress in my life?
8. Do I only go into the past for non-emotional evaluation or to reminisce in a positive way with a friend?
9. Do I only go into the future for planning my Visions and Goals with corresponding tactics and strategies?
10. Do I do what I love and love what I do?
11. Do I only think of what I want, as opposed to what I don't want in life?
12. Do I prioritize a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to-do list?
13. Do I take periodic breaks, mini-vacations and full vacations to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul?
14. Do I adhere to the Golden Rule of "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them"
15. Do I treat myself like a Champion?

If the answer is "No" to any of these questions, then make it right. Create an action plan, if necessary. Commit to it. See yourself doing it in finished state. If the answer is "yes," then congratulations! You are on the right path.

Place this short questionnaire in safekeeping. Use it periodically to see if you're treating your best friend, YOU, like a champion. With strains of the economy and the demands of society increasing, it is time to place your awareness on YOU.

For over 40 years, most of my clients that initially arrived to my doorstep had put themselves last. They had placed their "happy eggs" in baskets of Career, Relationships or Parenting, neglecting the very thing that makes everything possible.

How do you become your best friend?

Love yourself and it will be easier to showcase love for others and find reciprocating love. Respect yourself and you'll gain respect from others. Speak positive to yourself and positive people and opportunities will arrive.

Avoid self-deprecating humor. Avoid phrases like...
• "I figured that would happen."
• "If I didn't have any bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all."
• "I'm an idiot!" or "I suck at..."
• "I'm too old for this."
• "Life's an endless grind."
• "I told you that wouldn't work."
• "That's just the way it goes."
• "You can't expect to succeed all of the time."
• "You win some and you lose some."
• "There's not enough time in the day."
• "If I had better direction, I would perform better."
• "Why try? It's not appreciated. It does me no good."
• "I'm just going to do my job and keep my mouth shut."

Have you uttered any of the above phrases? No more put downs or beating yourself up, especially in front of others. No more victim and or judge thoughts or statements.

End negative self-talk

If your daily inner dialogue could be printed out, it would reveal if you are your best friend or not. I've told many clients, "If I talked to you like you talk to you, you'd fire me."

Sell you on you. As your self-worth increases, a magnetic force of attraction will expand. Most of the things you need and want in life will arrive.

It's time to "Be Your Own Best Friend."