You Can Be Whatever Princess (Or Prince) You Want This Halloween

A makeup artist shows just how irrelevant race and gender are when it comes to dressing up.

 Since I was 5 years old, nearly every Halloween someone has told me to go as Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin." I mean, I get it -- we're both stunningly gorgeous and brown -- but it always felt so limiting. I contain multitudes and I can go as any princess (or animal or superhero or pun) I want.

YouTuber and makeup artist Deepica Mutyala decided to take tired assumptions about what women of color should -- and shouldn't -- be, and turn them on their head in a fun video. Through the power of makeup (and fast-forward), she proves that skin and hair color have little to do with what makes an incredible and believable costume. Jasmine? Cinderella? Little Mermaid? You name it, Mutyala can be it.

"Whether you’re black, white, brown, yellow, blue, or any color in between, we all deserve to be whoever/whatever we want to be," Mutyala wrote in an Instagram post about the video.

And if you think a woman needs a man on her arm to make her costume (or life) complete, think again. As Mutyala says, "I can be my own Prince Charming." Watch to the end of the video to see just how serious she is about that statement.

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