Be Youtiful

This past January, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the You Are... Movement, a nonprofit organization based in NYC that helps teens who are struggling with body image and body confidence. Tiffany Chao, founder of the You Are... Movement (only a teen herself) took action after watching her peers struggle with body image. The organization kindly reached out to me to speak with them about ways to boost confidence and feel good in your skin. My full interview can be found here.

Inspired by the work of the You Are... Movement, I'm sharing a few additional resources for those looking for a body confidence boost.

1. You Are... Movement
A website that showcases photos of people accompanied by signs that read "You Are _____ (choose your adjective). Also, the site hosts photos of t-shirts that read "be you - be youtiful" (so great, right?). It also encourages readers to share what makes them feel beautiful. I think this is a great resource because confidence can be a community effort. It is inspiring to see what makes others feel good and beautiful. I'm particularly inspired by the teens behind the You Are... Movement -- young people changing the world!

2. Girl Talk HQ
Girl Talk HQ is always sharing great content about every woman. More specifically, it's a news media website designed to inspire millennial women with positive content. They are very proactive about showing women of all shapes and sizes and sharing content that toasts a "new age" of media where all women are celebrated.

3. Adios Barbie
This website is a great resource that talks about positive body image for every body! They hope to broaden the concepts of body image to include people of all ages, cultures, abilities and sizes and operate under the motto, "Think freely and live fully!"

4. Tumblr
Tumblr is an incredible resource for connecting readers to other likeminded readers. As humans, we all look for a sense of belonging. Tumblr hosts communities that speak to every person. There is an unlimited wealth of photos and opportunities to share and connect with others.

5. Step outside and do something that makes you feel good.
Do you love your eyes? Head to an eyeglass store and try on some new frames that highlight your favorite feature! Does lipstick make you feel beautiful? Grab some new colors at the drug store, and give yourself the boost you deserve! There are many ways we can explore our beautiful side, sometimes it just means us reminding ourselves of the things that make us unique.

I want to thank the You Are... Movement for working with me and spreading the message of beauty and body confidence to all!