Bea Arthur Roasts Pamela Anderson (NSFW VIDEO)

Bea Arthur Roasts Pamela Anderson (NSFW VIDEO)

Oh Bea Arthur, the brassy lady who wouldn't take shit as a young woman and took even less of it as an older one; the woman who taught us that sex as a Golden Girl could outshine any Carrie was getting from Mister Big; the woman who taught us that 47-year-olds could get pregnant and that condom shopping is awkward at any age--how we'll miss her! (Maybe not as much as the gays, but as a feminist, my hat is off to that elegant and funny gal.) Let's remember her at her best: gently mocking others.

In 2006, Bea Arthur roasted Pamela Anderson by reading aloud sections Pam's "novel" "Star Struck." But before she did she gave this intro:

"I want to honor Pam for her literary achievements. You see I've just finished reading her new novel, 'Star Struck.' Very's a terrific book. The story concerns a blond very large breasted actress, surprisingly named Star, who becomes actively involved with a tattoo rocker and gets involved in a sex tape scandal, Pam where do you come up with this?!"

I'm only glad we could give her one last NSFW rating.


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