'Busy Bea,' Bea Arthur Video Game, Released For Iphone

Dreams Do Come True: A Bea Arthur Video Game Is Here!

Your favorite "Golden Girl" is now forever immortalized in true 21st century fashion: a video game available on your iPhone.

The "Busy Bea" video game stems from a year-long daily Bea Arthur art project called #BeaADay by artist Mike Denison, who hand draws and/or paints the iconic Arthur infused with other pop culture references. A "Flappy Bird" style iPhone Game, "Busy Bea" builds on the work done throughout the course of this project.

"I hope that players enjoy playing a game that uses all hand drawn art, nothing digital, done in a style I have been referring to as 'FakeBit,' which sort of crudely emulates old school 8 bit video games," Denison told The Huffington Post. "I also hope that they get as addicted to the game as I have, if not only to see what else we have in store for the future... To me, Bea and her works, from Maude to the Golden Girls have always represented a push for change. Those shows were insanely progressive, especially for the times that they were on, tackling such issues as abortion and gay marriage. I would say that that sort of television helped plant the seeds for the progress we are seeing today."

"Busy Bea" is currently available for for download through the iTunes store.

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