Beach Bunny 2014 Brings Chrissy Teigen, Irina Shayk, And Confusion To Swim Week (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The high energy at Beach Bunny's Summer 2014 show was palpable from the get-go. "You are approachable, fun, flirty, and sexy," pep-talked the show producer to her troop of eager models waiting backstage.

Designed by former swimsuit model Angela Chittenden, the brand is known for its design collaborations with big names including the Kardashian sisters and swimsuit issue star Kate Upton.

Last night, Beach Bunny brought two new collaborators up to the plate and with the brand's 2014 collection also debuting, the show broke necks with a total of 58 looks.

Supermodel and Beach Bunny 2013 brand ambassador Irena Shayk debuted her collaboration with the brand, Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny, while Sports Illustrated cover model, Twitter diva, and bride-to-be Chrissy Teigen also showcased her own line, appropriately titled Chrissy Teigen for Beach Bunny Bride.

Shayk and Teigen kept careful watch from front row center, where they were joined by fellow swimsuit bombshells Hana Davis and Julie Henderson. Before the show, they joked and giggled as any good pals would. "Get serious, you guys," whispered Teigen as the lights dimmed.

One by one, models marched down the runway in Beach Bunny's latest to uptempo beats from a remix of Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans to Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'n' Roll.

Teeny-weeny was the prevailing theme of the night. Each look featured cheeky, Brazilian-cut bikini bottoms that would only flatter the taut bums that modeled them. Some of the bikinis featured cutouts at the hip area and one one-piece in particular comes with clear plastic, so the waist and hips are visible to all--elements that are not only unflattering for the ordinary, but the majority as well.

Zippers, studs, cutouts, sparkly bejeweled embellishments, and prints from python to paint splashes were incorporated in a confusing manner. Some of the pieces featured unexpected add-ons like pockets, hoodies, and even suspenders. Each look was topped off with a Rapunzel-length ponytail or fish tail braid and neon pink visors and over-sized hoop earrings completed some of the looks.

What exactly were the best trends at this show? That's... subjective. Check out the video above and the slideshow below and decide for yourself:

Beach Bunny Runway at Swim Week 2014