12 Walmart Beach Day Must-Haves Under $30

From fast-drying towels to cooler bags and volleyballs, stay both entertained and safe with everything on this list.

Toes in the sand, the soft crash of waves as your soundtrack, the unmistakable smell of sunscreen … there’s nothing like a good beach day. But there is such a thing as beach envy. This happens when you glance over at the group of people next to you and wish you had thought to bring a cooler full of drinks, mini speaker or a beach game like they did.

If you want to head into your beach day with no regrets, these dozen items are key. Consider it your checklist for the ultimate summer fun day.

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Nothing ruins a beach day more than a blistering sunburn. This sunscreen from Supergoop gives protection from UV rays and doesn’t leave any white streaks whatsoever. Made with sunflower extract, it glides on and can be applied to both the face and body.
An oversized, quick-drying microfiber beach towel
Sure, you could bring a plain old solid-colored towel to the beach. Or, you can bring one that is basically made for Instagram, like this one. Besides being cute, it’s also made with microfiber, which dries faster than traditional beach towels. And it's big enough that your limbs won't be hanging off on the sand.
Unisex aviator sunglasses
Maverick, is that you? Sunglasses for the shore are a must. Aviators never go out of style and this pair is unisex, making them a perfect fit for everyone.
A collapsible insulated thermocooler bag
Staying hydrated while you’re on the beach is key and this thermocooler bag is easier to tote around than a traditional cooler. It’s collapsible so you can fold it up and stash it in your beach bag once it’s empty.
A portable speaker
If you use your phone to play your Spotify playlist, you risk completely draining the battery and exposing it to heat damage. Instead, bring along this mini portable one to provide the soundtrack to your summer day.
A beach tote with cooler
How the heck are you going to carry all the awesome stuff on this list to the beach? With this tote, of course. It comes with a cooler component, the perfect place to stash your beach drinks and snacks.
A volleyball
Bringing a volleyball to the beach is an instant friend-maker. This one is sized for regulation volleyball games. Hey, even if you’re an amateur, no one has to know.
A first-aid kit
A first aid kit may not be the most exciting item on the list, but you’ll 100 percent be glad you have it if you ever need it. It’s small enough where it won’t take up a ton of space and still has what you need for minor mishaps.
A good beach chair
Lounging on a beach chair is a step up from a sandy towel in the sun. One with classic stripes gives upscale hotel vibes. Now you just need someone to bring you a cocktail.
A handheld fan
Beach heat is no joke and sometimes there’s literally no breeze. That’s when having a handheld fan can be a lifesaver. For only $16 and the bonus of being rechargeable, it’s worth every penny.
A stainless steel water bottle
If you bring a plastic water bottle to the beach, it will taste like hot bathwater by the time you’re ready to take your first sip. To keep your water cold, you need a stainless steel water bottle. It will be as refreshing as when you first filled it up, even after hours in the sun.
A portable safe
Safeguard your wallet, watch, phone, and other valuables with a portable safe. That way, you can go enjoy the water knowing that no one is eyeing your stuff.

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