The Freaky 'Door Or Beach' Optical Illusion That Is Melting People's Minds

What do you see?

Behold the latest optical illusion to cause arguments and mess with people’s minds.

Thousands of folks on Twitter are debating whether this photograph is of “a door or a beach.”

Many people are convinced the snap user @rebeccareilly__ shared online last week is of a beach scene that has been flipped anti-clockwise 90 degrees:

Others, however, are adamant the image is of a door frame:

Some, meanwhile, just don’t know what to think:

The current consensus appears to be split equally, per the results of a poll @rebeccareilly__ later conducted via the social media platform. As of Thursday, 54 percent of the 223,000+ people surveyed believed the picture is of a door.

@rebeccareilly__ appeared to clear up the conundrum once and for all Monday, when she posted this photo of what appeared to be the same beach (but featuring people in the water) with the caption “Itsssssss aaaaaa.”

But not everyone was satisfied, and it gave way to a bunch of further theories:

It’s unclear where the image was taken, whether @rebeccareilly__ took it herself, if she manipulated it for the purpose of the illusion ― oh, and whether it really, honestly, truthfully, 100 percent, cross my heart and hope to die, is of a beach rather than a door.

She did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for further comment. But the post’s popularity is, without doubt, sending her tweet it into the optical illusion stratosphere alongside “The Dress.”

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