'Beach For Everyone' Project Gives The Disabled Access To Beaches (PHOTOS)

Brazil's disabled community is getting its chance to have some fun in the sun thanks to a local project called "Beach For Everyone."

The community sponsored initiative launched in 2010 and aims to bring accessibility and inclusion to Rio de Janeiro's main beaches, according to its website.

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"Beach For Everyone" ("Praia Para Todos" in Portuguese) hopes to implement handicap-accessible infrastructure to as many beaches as possible. In addition, the project hosts a variety of weekend recreation activities for the physically disabled at its two current sites, Reuters reported in a recent slideshow.

The project's technical team provides the necessary equipment for disabled beach-goers to take part in activities that would normally be impossible. With the support of physical education and physiotherapy professionals, participants are able to safely swim in the ocean in amphibious chairs or play sports like sitting volleyball. And it's all completely free of charge.

Last Sunday, Incluir magazine reports, "Beach For Everyone" brought Brazilian surfing legend Rico de Souza to one of its sites to practice adapted surfing with the project's regulars.

The website states that with each weekend event "Beach For Everyone" helps about 50 disabled people make the most of their beach experience.



Grace and Josh Curley