Beagles Rescued From Lab Testing See Sunshine For The First Time (VIDEO)

WATCH: Beagles Rescued From Lab See Sun For The First Time

All animals should have a taste of freedom.

That's why one California-based animal welfare group is working to free dogs who live their lives in cages at the mercy of laboratory researchers. In a touching video from the Beagle Freedom Project, nine beagles are rescued from a lab in Nevada and brought to a grassy backyard in Las Vegas so they can see sunshine for the first time.

The pups appear apprehensive at first, having spent their entire lives behind bars. But soon, after each is brought out from the van one by one, they start to explore their surroundings and revel in their newfound freedom.

After volunteers removed each dog's federal identification number, the beagles were given names for the first time, inspired by Las Vegas icons like Frankie, Dean, Sammy and Joey of the Rat Pack.

According to the nonprofit, beagles are often bred for lab testing because of their friendly and docile demeanor.

"These animals deserve a chance, and given the proper care, most of these animals can have very full lives," state Senator Mark Manendo (D-Las Vegas) told The Las Vegas Review-Journal after the pups were freed on May 5. "They have given themselves to science and should at least have the opportunity to get adopted and have a forever, loving home."

Manendo is currently working with the Beagle Freedom Project on a bill that seeks to limit animal testing in Nevada. The legislation is expected to be introduced in the 2015 legislative session.

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