Family Spent $100,000 On Beanie Babies Thinking 'Investment' Would Put Kids Through College (VIDEO)

Family Spent $100K On Beanie Babies

Remember Beanie Babies? Those cute, lovable, bean-filled stuffed animals that every kid just had to have in 1996? One family remembers them all too well.

In a short documentary entitled "Bankrupt By Beanies," Chris Robinson, the film's director, details his family’s regret after sinking about $100,000 into the Beanie Babies craze. His father maintained five separate collections, hoping the "investment" would put his kids through college.

Unfortunately, that never happened. The Beanie Babies bubble, like so many fads before it, ultimately burst, leaving the family in financial ruin.

The reflections are moving reminders as to why investors should be wary of fads of the moment (we're looking at you, bitcoin.)

You can watch the video here:

(Hat tip: Gawker)

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