5 Ways To Wear A Beanie Hat Without Trying Too Hard

5 Ways To Wear A Beanie Hat Without Trying Too Hard

Beanie hats are our saving grace during the cold weather months. But we never seem to look as cool as those girls and guys we see around the city sporting the slouchy winter accessory -- you know, like when someone's beanie hat is propped effortlessly atop flowing hair. (Yeah, we haven't quite nailed that look yet.)

So in an attempt to get it right before the temperatures rise, we've scoured the web for some inspiration. Here are five ways to wear a beanie hat (and style your hair) without trying too hard. And be sure to check out our solutions to win the war on static hair.

1.Beanie and bangs
Show off your fringe by slightly pushing your beanie hat back towards your crown.

beanie hat bangs

2. Beanie and side-swept hair
This super casual look is simple with longer lengths, but can easily be worn on short-to-medium length hair by using hairspray and bobby pins to keep everything in place.

beanie hat side swept hair

3. Beanie and loose locks
For a slightly undone finish, shake up your strands (texturizing sea salt spray helps to build volume) and slip on a beanie.

beanie hat loose hair

4. Beanie and braids
This is the perfect weekend hairstyle for when you're running around doing chores (or shopping).

beanie hat braids

5. Beanie with hair tucked in
And for those bad hair days, you can never go wrong by just covering up completely with a beanie.

beanie hat hair tucked

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