'Bear' Prompting 911 Call Turns Out To Be Dog... Named Bear

Everyone's just lucky this encounter didn't turn grizzly.

A "bear" that prompted a 911 call near Toronto on Thursday morning turned out to be a rather large dog, City News Toronto reported.

“I was actually right here and the bear was standing right there," the caller, cab driver Mohammed Naim, told the news outlet. Naim, whose cab became stuck in the snow in Markham after dropping a passenger off, locked his doors for help when he saw the large, black, furry beast outside of his vehicle.

Police saw bear tracks in the snow, but investigators eventually found that the animal Naim spotted just a big friendly dog who belongs to the father-in-law of the man Naim had just dropped off at home.

Coincidentally, the 150-pound Newfoundland is named "Bear."

Maybe Bear should have a doggy play date with Charles the Monarch, a Labradoodle from Virginia whose fluffy mane prompted a 911 call last January reporting a "baby lion" was loose on the streets.

On the other hand, just because an animal is a household pet doesn't mean it's not dangerous. Earlier this week, an Oregon family had to call 911 after their 22-pound-cat "went over the edge" and trapped the entire family in a bedroom.



Charles the Monarch