Big Boss Bear Bashes Down Door For Incredible Entrance Into Cabin

The bear walked in like he owned the place.

A bear in the Lake Tahoe area made an entrance worthy of the Kool-Aid Man when it burst through the door of a cabin during a hunt for food.

Footage from the cabin shows the door burst open, with parts of the frame flying off. The bear then uses a paw to steady the door, and marches in to sniff around.

The bear sat by the door until authorities came and removed it.

The bear’s fate is not clear.

Many are relocated, but some bears may be euthanized depending on their history.

Bear encounters are common around Lake Tahoe. Screen icon Helen Mirren, who moved to the area before the coronavirus pandemic began, said she encountered one in her garden recently.

Mirren said on Marc Maron’s podcast that she chased it off with shouts of “bad bear!”

She’s also encountered some less exotic wildlife:

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