Bear Bites Terri Gurley's Butt While She Walked Dog In Longwood, Florida

Butt-Biting Bear Attacks Florida Woman

A 300-pound black bear bit a woman in the butt Friday morning while she was walking her dog.

Luckily, Terri Gurley of Florida lived to grin and bare it.

Gurley, 57, was walking her dog in Longwood -- while also taking out the trash -- when she noticed the beast near a trash bin, according to WKMG. Her dog confronted the bear.

"The dog was trying to go at her and I'm pulling her back, trying to get away," Gurley told the station. "I was walking backwards and I tripped and I fell, hitting my head."

She was trying to scramble back to her feet when the bear came right up behind her, shadowed by its cub.

"All I can think of is how terrifying it is to look and it's right there," she said. "Not knowing what she's gonna do."

That's when the bear chomped on her behind.

Luckily, Gurley's "screaming" may have scared the goliath away, according to WESH-TV. She was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and released a short time later.

Gurley has several theories as to why the bear tried to attack her. First, she thought it may have been spooked by her dog, MSNBC reported. But she later realized that the bear may have just been defending its cub, or interested in the trash she was carrying.

Gurley's home is close to the Wekiva River and a state forest. Forest officials told the station that they've set up bear traps in the area and that the bear who bit Gurley will be euthanized if it is caught.

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