Bear Breaking Into Truck Is The Funniest Criminal Ever (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bear Bears Arms, Bearly Breaks Into Truck

You're about to bear witness to grand theft auto. Kind of.

A family in Maple Ridge, Canada captured one smarter-than-average bear breaking into their truck.

They're good sports about it, though. The bear casually opens the truck's doors, the family laughs in the background.

The YouTube video, called "Bearjacked," was uploaded Tuesday by Rebecca Moore and began rising on Reddit Thursday morning when user heishnod posited it. The 40-second clip has since been view nearly 5,000 times.

Moore wrote on her Facebook page that just before they started filming, the bear also slid open a van door before heading over to the truck, according to The Vancouver Sun.

This furry thief seems to know what he's doing, but does he stack up against the Russian bear who Hula Hoops, balances on chairs, and plays the trumpet? You decide.

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