Bear's Plan To Break Into Man's Home Foiled By Cat Door

The uninvited visitor had previously stolen brownie mix, a Toblerone bar and a can of Pepsi from the Idaho condo.

A hungry, thieving bear met his match last week when he came up against the unyielding might of the all-powerful Cat Door.

Doug Harder of Sandpoint, Idaho, snapped this photograph of the young bear, whose head got stuck in his cat door last Thursday.

The bear had tried “again and again to get through,” Harder wrote on Facebook. It’s believed that the bear burglar had been trying to get to some food.

Harder said he had come home from vacation the day before to find his condo in total disarray. He says that a bear had ransacked the place, entering through his sliding door before swiping some brownie mix, a Toblerone bar and a can of Pepsi. The bear also left a large pile of poop in the living room.

According to Harder, the same bear returned the next day and attempted to squeeze through his cat door. He told ABC News, however, that he didn’t feel afraid as he knew the bear was too big to wiggle through.

This isn’t the first time that bears have come calling at Harder’s condo, located near Schweitzer Mountain.

In May, a bear and two cubs climbed up the side of the building onto his second floor deck to chow down on some birdseed, reports.

"I knocked on the door and the cubs looked at me but they could care less that I was there," Harder told CNN of the encounter.

The next day, the bears are said to have returned to finish four cans of Dr. Pepper that had been left out on the deck.

Food for bears has reportedly been scarce in the area around Harder’s home. Harder says he’s contacted the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office and Schweitzer Mountain headquarters to report the uninvited guests.

"I don't want them to kill the bears; I just want them relocated," he told CNN. "If they don't take care of them someone else might."

Concerned about ursine visitors? Click here for information on how to bear-proof your home.

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