Bear Grylls Remembers The Worst Thing He's Ever Eaten -- A 'Vomit-Testicle Cocktail'

The Worst Thing This 'Man Vs. Wild' Star Ever Ate Was A 'Vomit-Testicle Cocktail'

Survivalist Bear Grylls has eaten everything from insects to raw snake to the heart of a moose while roughing it in the wild, but nothing can touch the flavor of goat testicles, Grylls told HuffPost Live.

The adventurer, who ate the delicacy on his show "Born Survivor" a few years back, reminisced on the experience with host Caroline Modaressy-Tehrani on Friday.

"That was bad. They were the biggest testicles I'd ever seen since I'd had a shower that morning," Grylls laughed. "It just melted into my mouth, full of cold goat sperm. Then the worst bit, it wasn't the sperm, it was that I then vomited and then had to reswallow the vomit and the testicle together. It was a vomit-testicle cocktail. It killed me."

That may have been the worst thing he's ever eaten, but Grylls says there is still something he hates more than ingesting raw animal organs.

"Socially I think I'm much more awkward then people would imagine... [Cocktail parties are] my real kryptonite," he explained. "Goat testicles are way easier than the school drinks party. I'm not joking."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about Grylls' new show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" here.

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