Bear In Monrovia Pool: Brown Bear Surprises 2 Sisters By Taking A Dip In Their Pool (VIDEO)

It was Memorial Day weekend, and this bear wanted in on the pool party action.

Two teen sisters, home alone in Monrovia, were stunned to see a big brown bear swimming around in their backyard infinity pool, KTLA reports.

Rachel Gasparini told the station what they first saw when they began filming the bear from their kitchen.

"It kind of like walks over to the pool, and we thought it was gonna drink some water," she recounted.

But the bear, which the sisters named "Larry," wanted much more than a sip. He proceeded to jump in and leisurely float around, even hanging on the edge of the pool to enjoy the view.

The girls called their parents but didn't think it was necessary to call 911.

"It wasn't any making a ruckus or it wasn't like destroying things in our backyard, so we didn't really feel the need to call anybody," Valerie said.

At least these girls stayed inside instead of nearly running into the bear, like the texting man did when the Glendale bear, "Glen Bearian," was in his sideyard.



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