The 'Bear-Naked Chef' Brings His Mouth-Watering Skills To Europe

Get ready for his meatballs in Spanish sauce.

Everyone’s favorite cooking bear, Adrian De Berardinis, heads to Spain in the first installment of the travel edition of his popular cooking web series. 

In this episode, De Berardinis prepares a popular Spanish dish called albóndigas en salsa española, which translates to "meatballs in Spanish sauce." He also takes viewers to the restaurant where he learned the recipe before giving it a go firsthand. True to form, he shows off his culinary prowess in just a tiny apron and gym socks. 

"This incredibly sexy, savory and delicious specialty combines local ingredients and classic technique, and will be a definite new favorite with my viewers," De Berardinis said of the dish. "The recipe is easy-to-follow, has sophisticated flavors and, is a surefire crowd-pleaser."

In an earlier Huffington Post interview, De Berardinis said he aims to prepare recipes that are "unique, easy-to-make personal and delicious."

“Anyone that is scared to try something new or is afraid of sophisticated food can find my food accessible. And for those who do have the skill already, hopefully they will take away a dish that they’ve never tried or eaten before," he said. "But above all, I hope that they don’t take what I’m doing too seriously even though the food is legit. I hope everyone enjoys it and has fun while watching each episode!”

Check out the first episode of "The Bear-Naked Chef: Travel Edition" above. Head here to check out "Bear-Naked" episodes you may have missed.



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