Bear Rescues Cub From Garage In South Lake Tahoe (VIDEO)

Mothers will do just about anything for their children, and it's no different when it comes to mother bears.

One feisty cub managed to get stuck inside a car garage near South Lake Tahoe in California, and resident Judy Coover was able to capture the entire thing on camera.

Coover found the cub dangling from the garage door tracks, and although she wanted to help, something told her to stay put.

“I was tempted to go and pick him up, but I thought, ‘No, where there’s a baby bear there’s a mama bear," Coover told CBS Sacramento.

Moments later, the sound of the garage door opening and closing revealed a concerned mother bear trying to get to its cub.

And all it took was a stern look and a growl from mom for the baby bear to get its act together.

"She looked at the cub and kind of growled at it. Kind of like she said, "C'mon, get out of here,'" Coover, who's also a nature photographer, told ABC 2 News.

The cub eventually climbed down a nearby ladder and scampered back outside.

Coover says she thinks the bear smelled some garbage that was in her garage. When it lifted the door, the cub probably left its mother's side and entered through the small opening, according to ABC 2 News.

Video of the incident has received nearly 300,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on June 19.

According to the Tahoe Council for Wild Bears, bears that have been "habituated to humans" occasionally wander into neighborhoods and campsites in search of food, creating potentially dangerous situations for residents and tourists, as well as for themselves.

Wildlife experts say they worry bears will wander into urban areas more this year because the weather has affected their natural food supply, FOX 40 reports

"(The bears) know that there's food wherever there's people. So we're expecting a lot of calls and a lot of attempted break-ins," Ann Bryant, executive director of the BEAR League, told FOX 40 in April.



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