Skittish Bear Crashes Colorado Footrace, Giving Runners A Jolt

Here's one way to quicken your pace.

A bear put some extra spring in runners’ steps after entering a 10-mile race in Colorado on Sunday, to the surprise of its contestants.

The black bear was trying to cross a road in Garden of the Gods, a park near Colorado Springs, when it came face-to-face with the participants.

Photos taken by participant Donald Sanborn show the bear carefully edging out alongside the road, before bolting across. Two male runners approaching a few yards away are seen physically recoiling as the bear hurries to the other side.

”I was actually thinking, would you hurry up and cross the road? I want to get on with my race,” Sanborn told CBS 4 News.

According to the Denver-based news station, the bear took off and wasn’t seen on the course again.