Bear Tries To 'Steal' A Car And Becomes A TikTok Star

Friends gathered at a North Carolina cabin for Memorial Day weekend and witnessed a "carjacking" bruin.

Wanna know what’s bruin on TikTok? This car-stealing bear! (See the clip below.)

Watch it approach a Mercedes-Benz as friends try to scare the animal away. One person can be heard saying, “Are you sure you locked the door?”

The bear quickly answers that question. It opens the door as if it owned the luxury car and stands beside it while onlookers hoot and holler. “What the fuck?” somebody yells.

The bear then retreats backward on its hind legs before hightailing it into the surrounding woods.

Jacob Bean, who posted the clip to the short-video platform, told HuffPost Tuesday he gathered with friends at Mercedes Giron’s cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, over Memorial Day weekend. And the car happened to belong to Mercedes. “Ever seen a bear try to steal a car?” he wrote in the video caption.

So a bear tried to jack a Mercedes owned by Mercedes. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Remember when bears just wanted to steal picnic baskets?

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