These Bears Took Their Brawl To The New Jersey Suburbs

Even by street fight standards, this was wild.

Two bears battled off and on for several minutes in a New Jersey suburb, probably over a female, according to reports.

A recently posted video of the encounter in Rockaway Township shows the bears in a struggle near a house, then taking the action to the streets.

At one point a car passes by and stops to presumably watch.

The Daily Record notes that the site is located between two large forests. The YouTube description says the incident happened in August, but a Department of Environmental Protection official couldn't confirm that, the paper said.

One bear expert who reviewed the footage said the two were likely males vying for the attention of a female bear.

“They’re probably fighting or playing because there’s a good-looking lady in the area,” Kelcey Burguess of New Jersey Fish and Wildlife told NJ.com. “It’s really common to have fights during mating season.” (The mating season can extend into August, Burguess explained.)

Burguess added that while the encounter was unusual for taking place in a residential area, the bears' aggression was not. “It can be pretty vicious, but it’s normal behavior."

In another recent example of wildlife combatants settling a score in civilized surroundings, two kangaroos were videotaped duking it out on an Australian street.

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