Family Trapped In Trailer For 2 Hours By Unwanted Bear Guest

When this trailer’s a rocking, don’t come a knocking, because it’s a bear that’s doing the rocking and you probably want to stay away.

A family camping in Book Cliffs, Utah was besieged in their trailer for two hours on Saturday night as a 6-foot-tall black bear tried to get inside. The bear started by politely knocking.

“It kind of sounded like a human knock, so I opened the door,” Sami Graham told Fox 13 Now.

Minutes later, Graham heard a loud scratch and pulled up the blinds to find herself face to face with the beast.

"This bear is standing straight up on his hind legs looking at me straight in the eye," she told KSL.

She and her four children attempted to scare the bear away by making noise inside the trailer, but to no avail. The bear not only rocked the trailer, but tore off chunks of fiberglass and scratched at the door for more than two hours, Deseret News reported.

Graham’s husband was out hunting deer when the bear showed up. When he finally returned and saw the situation at hand, he frightened the bear away by firing a couple of warning shots.

Dax Mangus, northeastern wildlife program manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, told KSL this has been the fourth bear incident this summer in the Book Cliffs area.

“There’s a lot of bears out there,” he said.

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