Bear vs. Bison: Alex Wypyszinski Snaps Photos Of Rare Hunt On Yellowstone National Park Road (VIDEO)

WATCH: Incredible Chase! Bear Hunts Bison Down A Highway

Alex Wypyzinski was in for a surprise while driving down an empty highway in Yellowstone National Park. Upon hearing a loud noise that he thought "was a horse and carriage," Wypyzinski peeked in his rear-view mirror to spot two brown blurs darting down the highway, which he initially took to be moose.

As the sprinting animals got closer, Wypyzinski realized the commotion was a much rarer sight: a grizzly bear hunting a bison. Instead of getting out of the way, he grabbed his camera to capture the stunning photos seen in this video from CNN.

The bison was covered in burn wounds, likely from a local hot spring. Find out what happens in this incredible video.


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