Just, You Know, A Bear Walking Upright Like A Human Around New Jersey

Picture this: you wake up on a relaxing summer morning, amble downstairs, look out your window and see a person strolling down your street.

Except, that person is totally a bear.

In this video from Ian Bohman, a bear decides to talk a walk on the non-wild side through a New Jersey neighborhood, reared up on two hind legs and looking oddly like a human being.

In fact, the bear's gait almost looks too human to be real. Man in costume or a peculiar moment of wildlife caught on tape? Let us know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: 6:33 p.m. -- Other videos of the bear have surfaced online and may explain the animal's unusual behavior. John Leyden, who posted this clearer video of the bear (below), speculates, "It looks like its front right paw is either broken or deformed."

Bear Selfies!