Bear With Sweet Tooth Breaks Into Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory In Estes Park (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bear With Sweet Tooth Breaks Into Chocolate Shop

Everyone knows that bears like to raid campers' picnic baskets when they get hungry, but who knew they also occasionally get a hankering for delicious chocolates? That's just what one young black bear was craving in Estes Park last week.

Jo Adams, a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory owner in Estes Park, came into work one morning to find some chocolates out of place, a candy tin on the floor and a bit of dirt on top of her checkout counter and thought that perhaps a squirrel had broken into the shop overnight, according to Estes Park News.

But when Adams called her son Eric to come in and help clean up the shop before she opened, they couldn't find any critters so Adams, who recently installed security cameras, took a look at the video. What she found was definitely not a squirrel, instead she watched a "shadowy" black bear wandering around the chocolate shop having the time of his life.

In the surveillance video above, the bear is seen opening the store's front door with claws, propping it open, meandering into the store and taking a look around at all the sweets he could eat.

The sweet-toothed bear would grab a mouthful of candy and walk it outside where he'd eat it up only to come back in for more and more helpings. 7News reports that the bear made seven trips outside to eat the chocolatey delights during his twenty minute raid.

According to Estes Park News, the bear's favorite treats were chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats, peanut butter cups, the store's special "Balls of Joy," English Toffee and -- wait for it -- giant chocolate covered cookies called "Cookie Bears." Naturally.

The shop did open back up after several hours of cleaning and disinfecting the shop, ABC15 reports.

Surprisingly, Adams business has boomed since the bear break-in, according to 7News. A number of customers come in just to order what the bear devoured.

The lock on the store's front door was reportedly faulty which allowed the hungry bear to slip his paw inside, 9News reports. However, the locks were replaced the next day and muddy footprints were found outside the shop indicating that the bear may have come back for seconds.

Watch the video above and see the bear's candy raid for yourself.

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