Real-Life Couples Address The Gross Realities Of Bearded Kissing

"A short beard hurts everyone around them."

If you've ever kissed a bearded face, you've surely experienced the pleasures, perils and chaffing that comes with it. In this hilariously honest video from GQ, real-life couples candidly share what it's like to intimately interact with a beard.

Sometimes the risks are as minor as a little chaffing (worth it for the make out), but stubble can cause some serious rashes and at least one man's lengthier beard acquired its own unique smell. The truth about beards is that they're unpredictable; you really never know what you're going to get until you dive in. As one couple shares, it's possible you may even happen upon a live dragonfly nestled in the beard. Life -- like beards -- is full of surprises.

Fortunately for the bearded and their beloveds, there are simple ways to decrease the hazards of beard burn. Watch the video above for ways to ensure happy and healthy scruffy snogging.

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