Study Shows Men With Beards Can Look Up To 8 Years Older

Study Reveals Bad News For Men With Beards

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling and other celebrities who have recently sported facial hair may want to rethink their decision. A new survey finds that men with beards look as much as eight years older than those who are clean shaven, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, members of the public were shown photos of celebrities -- such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt -- with beards and without beards. They then revealed their belief that beards made the men look older -- and the longer the beards, the older they looked.

But bearded men can take heart in a separate study conducted earlier this year, showing that women prefer men with heavy stubble over clean-shaven guys.

Which do you prefer? Behold the following famous men, with and without their beards, for inspiration:

George Clooney
george clooney

Antonio Banderas
antonio banderas

Bradley Cooper
bradley cooper

Daniel Day-Lewis
daniel day lewis

Jim Carrey
jim carrey

Pierce Brosnan
pierce brosnan

Robin Williams
robin williams

Ryan Gosling
ryan gosling

Tommy Lee Jones
tommy lee jones

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