Bears, Packers Wedding Gowns Now Available (PHOTOS)

Complete Bridal Salon owner David Gaffke found one very interesting way to capitalize on Sunday's historic face-off at Soldier Field, because nothing says "super fan" like a Chicago Bears-inspired wedding gown.

"The gown is designed to hide the hips and tummy and promote the bust," Gaffke told HuffPost Chicago Friday.


The dress costs $1,500 and can be ordered at Complete Bridal Salon in suburban East Dundee. With Sunday's big Bears-Packers game getting national attention, the gowns have been in serious demand.

"The first Bears gown we made has been on more airplanes to go to more news, sporting events and newspaper shoots than any other single gown in the world, other than Princess Diana's," Gaffke said.

These dresses aren't just for show--some women are purchasing them for their special day.

"We've had two brides order the Bears dress and one girl order it for prom," Gaffke said, adding that he can make any sports team gown as long as the customer provides him the team's patch.


Gaffke, who is from Chicago, is a huge Bears fan. He has worked in the wedding industry for 31 years.

Photos are courtesy of Cathy Ilani.